Help Our Teenagers Make Responsible and Informed Decisions

August 14, 2008

Help improve the health and education of America's youth today by asking Congress to pass the Responsible Education About Life Act!

The REAL Act would use state grants to fund comprehensive, medically accurate and age appropriate sex education for America's youth. The goal would be to encourage family communication about sex, teach the pros and cons of contraceptives, and explain how alcohol and drug use can affect responsible decision making. It would teach teens that abstinence is the only sure method to avoid pregnancy and STDs but would not ignore education for teenagers who are sexually active.

Importantly, the REAL Act is designed to create "comprehensive sexuality education programs [that] respect the diversity of values and beliefs represented in the community and... complement and augment the sexuality education children receive from their families."

Please contact your Congresspersons today to ask them to support the Responsible Education About Life Act (S. 972, H.R. 1653).