Hegg leaves legacy of advocacy to Church Pension Fund

January 29, 2002

The Rev. David P. Hegg II, senior vice president of the Church Pension Fund and director of pastoral care and education, died on Thursday evening, January 24, during what had been expected to be 'routine' heart surgery.

'He has had a profound influence on the vitality of our church and the lives of active and retired Episcopal clergy around the country,' said Alan F. Blanchard, CPF President. 'Our hearts are with his family, especially his dear wife, Judith.'

During his six-year ministry with CPF, Hegg redeveloped and expanded the fund's Planning For Tomorrow conferences-which educate clergy and their spouses about financial and life planning-so that they now reach 20% of active Episcopal clergy each year. He was an advocate for the needs of surviving clergy spouses. The well-being of the newly-ordained was also important to him, and he was instrumental in instituting seminary visits on a regular basis.

Hegg was also an advocate for organized ministry to retired clergy, encouraging every bishop in the church to appoint a diocesan chaplain to the retired. He then recruited six provincial coordinators to support the ministry.

'Significantly, David was a person who was known to bishops and clergy throughout the church as someone they themselves could call on for pastoral care and advice,' said Blanchard. 'Much of his time was spent teaching them about the resources available to them through the pension fund, and helping them make decisions about their lives and their futures.'

Hegg joined the Church Pension Fund staff on March 1, 1996 after a distinguished 34-year parish ministry. He graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. After three years at The Episcopal Theological School
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he served for six years as a curate and vicar in two parishes in upstate New York, and then for eight and six years, respectively, as rector of parishes in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri. In 1982, he was called as rector to St. Peter's in Morristown, one of the most outstanding parishes in New Jersey, and served there until he came to CPF.

Throughout his career, he was deeply involved in the issues of aging and an advocate for the elderly. During his ministry at St. Peter's, he was awarded the Procter Fellowship, one of the Episcopal Church's most prestigious grants, which he used to further deepen his understanding of the spiritual, psychological and temporal aspects of the aging process.

Funeral services for Hegg will be held on January 29, 2002, at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Morristown, New Jersey. He is survived by his wife, Judith, and two sons.

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