HAITI: Diocese to celebrate its founder James Theodore Holly

February 6, 2007

The Diocese of Haiti will celebrate its famous founder James Theodore Holly with a Eucharist and gathering at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince on March 13.

Holly, the African American priest who planted the first few dozen Episcopal churches in Haiti during the late 1800s, became the first Black bishop in the Episcopal Church. He was consecrated bishop of Haiti in 1874 and died March 13, 1911.

The 75th General Convention voted to preliminarily authorize Holly's addition to the church calendar. If the 76th General Convention in 2009 approves, his commemoration will be set for March 13.

Wishing to mark the occasion, the Diocese of Haiti has invited guests from other dioceses in the Caribbean and the United States and other Christian denominations, as well as members of the Haitian government and political and social leaders, to join in the celebrations. Bishop Jean Zaché Duracin of Haiti will celebrate and preach. According to the Very Rev. Ogé Beauvoir, dean of the diocese's Séminaire de Théologie, every congregation in the diocese will be sending a delegation.

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