Farm Bill Heads Into Home Stretch

October 22, 2007

Congressional debate on the U.S. farm bill is nearing the finish line, and your voice is needed more than ever. After nearly a year of advocacy by Episcopalians and other people of faith around the country, the Senate is slated to debate the farm bill in the coming month.

The Senate now has an opportunity to do what the House bill did not - get it right – and reform-minded Senators are beginning to line up proposals to bring fairness and opportunity to the current system – but the voice of lobbyists for the commodity industry is loud and very well-funded. The fate of farm-bill reform thus lies in the hands of each of us.

Click here to send a message to your Senators asking them to support comprehensive reform of the U.S. farm bill. Comprehensive reform means passing a farm bill that: (1) Insures that commodity payments go to American farmers who need them most, not wealthy large-scale farms; (2) Reduces commodity payments that distort trade and perpetuate poverty in the developing world; and (3) Invests in programs to strengthen rural America and support those in need.

Click here to learn more about how this legislation is key not just to people in the United States, but to fighting global poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.