EPPN Lenten Series: Breaking the chains of injustice

February 17, 2016

[Episcopal Public Policy Network] This year, the Episcopal Public Policy Network’s Lenten Series focuses on “Engaging the Beloved Community.” Today’s reflection written by Charles A. Wynder II, The Episcopal Church’s Missioner for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement.

Today’s reflection centers on breaking the chains of injustice and building the Beloved Community by reforming our nation’s criminal justice system. During this Lenten season, we are called to explore “beyond the individual choices we make and challenge the ethical grounding of the actions we contribute to as members of communities, institutions, and systems.”

As members of the Jesus Movement building the Beloved Community, we must come to see that our lives are bound up in the well-being of all other lives. Today, you will learn about the inequalities that exist within our nation’s criminal justice system. Then, you are invited to advocate to your members of Congress to reform this system by using our action center.

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