Episcopal Church Women pledges support for Jericho Road housing initiative

National board of ECW committed to raise $110,000 by July 2009
March 13, 2009

The national board of Episcopal Church Women (ECW) has chosen Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative in New Orleans as the featured nonprofit for its 2009 philanthropic efforts.

"The support of the ECW means our efforts are being recognized" at a national level, says Jericho Road Executive Director Brad Powers. "As we begin this partnership, we have realized that Jericho Road's philosophies strongly align with those of the mission and work of the ECW."

Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative is a faith-based nonprofit organization that was established following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina as a way to provide families and individuals with affordable home ownership opportunities in New Orleans neighborhoods. ECW has set an initial campaign goal of $110,000 to be reached by their Triennial Convention in July 2009.

The national board of ECW is asking all women throughout the Episcopal Church to help raise funds. All contributors will be recognized at the Triennial Convention.

The national board convened its annual board meeting beginning March 1 at the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center in Robert, Louisiana. The group toured Central City, stopping at several of the already inhabited Jericho Road properties, visited three homes under construction and learned more about the initiative's future parks and community projects.

A Jericho Road news release said that its representatives "demonstrated the organization's commitment to provide affordable, energy-efficient housing that incorporates three central elements: 1) universal design, 2) green building practices and 3) architectural design that is characteristic of the historic Central City neighborhood.

"These elements, combined with efforts to encourage homebuyer training and participation in neighborhood associations, demonstrate Jericho Road's holistic and total-systems approach to the building process. The commitment to the health and overall well-being of new homeowners impressed the ECW board and confirmed how important Jericho Road's work is to the Central City community."

Further information on Jericho Road and its rebuilding efforts in New Orleans are available here.