England: Inclusive Church welcomes first same-sex weddings

March 23, 2014

[Inclusive Church Press Release] As the first same–sex weddings are set to take place in England, Inclusive Church welcomes this as a significant milestone.

Acknowledging that some Christian churches are perceived to be hostile to the LBGT&I community, Inclusive Church takes this opportunity to signify that there are many who are supportive and welcoming. Inclusive Church has been working for over 10 years on equality and diversity, including issues that affect LGBT&I people.

Inclusive Church has a network of almost 250 churches across the country, representing thousands of Christians who would seek to affirm same-sex marriage.  Many of these churches would wish to be able to celebrate these marriages in their own buildings, but are forbidden from doing so within the current legislation. Inclusive Church continues to work with a number of partner organisations to effect a change in the law so that churches and clergy who wish to marry same-sex couple would be permitted to do so.

The Rev’d Bob Callaghan, National Coordinator of Inclusive Church said “There are many Christians who would want to celebrate the fact that the first same-sex marriages are set to take place in England.  I have received a significant number of enquiries from faithful same-sex church members who want their marriage celebrated in their church. It is sad that those churches are not able to fully welcome and affirm these relationships and we will continue to work to ensure that the church is a welcoming place for all. ”