Emilie Chapter

Reno, NV
September 26, 2006

The national Episcopal Church is facing a real problem today; that problem being, of course, the gradual loss of its “twenty-somethings” – that 18 - 30 year old age group that is slowly diminishing even as we meet here today.

Today’s generation is radically different from yesterdays. I can honestly say that the Episcopal Church’s biggest mistake is assuming that, like our parents before us, even if we leave the church for awhile in college or just after high school, we will eventually return. In most cases, this is not the way it happens. The Church needs to understand that if they want to keep us, young people of our age need something to hold us here – a group, a retreat, a service…something, anything made especially for us, something that gives us a sense of belonging. If the Episcopal Church doesn’t recognize this, and help the young who still remain to organize something, that we truly are a dying institution.