Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th

November 3, 2006

Election Day – one of the most important days of the year for any nation – is this Tuesday, November 7th. We urge you to exercise the right to vote and to encourage and help others to do so as well.

Unfortunately, too many people choose not to vote each year. According to the Census Bureau, only 64% of the voting age population actually cast a ballot in the 2004 election. While turnout in 2004 was certainly higher than in 2000, many groups were still significantly underrepresented. Only 47% of eligible voters 18-24 years old voted in 2004.

In a representative democracy it is vital that all people make their voices heard at the polling place. Remember to vote on November 7th, but also remind others about this important day for our country. Remember what Father Theodore Hesburgh said – “voting is a civic sacrament.”

Want to do more?
• Click here for ideas to help people exercise their right to vote on Tuesday.
• Sign the ONE Voter pledge — a pledge to educate yourself, your community, and to vote on Election Day.

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