EAST CAROLINA: Former Seychelles bishop Santosh K. Marray to assist diocese

September 11, 2009

Former Bishop of Seychelles Santosh K. Marray will become an assisting bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina beginning in October.

Marray, who was born in Guyana in the West Indies, has served as a priest in the Diocese of Guyana, Diocese of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands and the Episcopal Diocese of Florida. He has considerable experience in rural, multi-station parishes. Marray was a guest at East Carolina's diocesan convention in 2008 where he preached during Evensong.

He was consecrated April 5, 2005 as the third bishop of Seychelles in the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean.

He prepared the diocese for the election of a successor who would serve a long-term episcopate. He left that office at the end of 2008. Marray was the first West Indian of East Indian ancestry to be elected and consecrated bishop in the Anglican Communion. He has been married for 32 years to Nalini, a school teacher, and they have two grown children.

East Carolina Bishop Clifton Daniel said he is thankful for the wisdom and experience Marray brings to the mission and ministry of the diocese. He added that with the presence of Marray, each congregation of the diocese will have an annual confirmation service and pastoral visitation from a bishop. The diocese includes more than 10,000 Episcopalians who worship in 75 congregations.