Do You Know Your Leadership Teams?

February 26, 2013

As Campus and Young Adult Ministers we are, in a way, professional (or volunteer) mentors and accompaniers. But where do we go for mentorship and accompaniment ourselves? The Provincial Coordinators for Campus Ministry and the newly formed Young Adult Ministry Council, in addition to being advisory bodies to the churchwide staff and advocates for our ministries, are available to you as resources. Whether you need to troubleshoot, to share your successes and failures, or just to bounce ideas around, they are here to share their experiences and expertise with you and help you find the resources you need.  

The Provincial Coordinators for Campus Ministries (PCCM)

The oldest of the formation leadership teams, the PCCM are officially designated by their provinces to serve on this council of advice and to resource dioceses in their particular provinces. In their three-year terms, they convene gatherings of students and chaplains, oversee the Campus Ministry Grants program, set direction for churchwide events, track ministry changes, and help to articulate the concerns, accomplishments, and vision of the network as they observe them in their provinces.

Province I: The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, Boston University
Province II: The Rev. Gregory Bezilla, Rutgers University
Province III: The Rev. Peter Antoci, University of Maryland
Province IV: The Rev. Dann Brown, University of Georgia
Province V: The Rev. Reid Hamilton, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Province VI: The Rev. Sally Maxwell, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Province VII: The Rev. Michael S. Bell, Diocese of Kansas
Province VIII: The Rev. Jocelynn Jurkovich-Hughes, University of California, Davis
Province IX: Vacant

The Young Adult Ministry Council

Meeting for the first time in December 2012, this newly appointed council follows on the good work of the Committee for Young Adult Ministry (CYAM). Unlike CYAM, the council is made up solely of active young adult ministers as they help to design a parallel team of young adults. Council members have agreed to a year term as we discern how best to structure and employ the newly-formed body.

Lauren Caldwell, Diocese of Atlanta
The Rev. Joe Chambers, Diocese of Missouri
Randall Curtis, Diocese of Arkansas
Jason Evans, Diocese of Washington
The Rev. Myra Garnes Schuler, Diocese of Long Island
Ewart Jones, Diocese of Texas
Monica Romano, Diocese of Northern California
Longkee Vang, Diocese of Minnesota