Diocese of North Carolina announces bishop slate

November 20, 2016

[Diocese of North Carolina]  The Standing Committee and Nominating Committee of the Diocese of North Carolina Nov. 21 announced the slate of nominees for the XII Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

The nominees are:

  • The Rev. Charles T. Dupree – Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, Indiana
  • The Rev. Samuel S. Rodman, III – Diocese of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts
  • The Rev. Milind Sojwal – All Angels’ Episcopal Church, New York, New York

The Rev. Jane Wilson, president of the Standing Committee, said, “The Standing Committee is thrilled by the dedicated, careful and Spirit-filled work of the Nominating Committee. They took the charge to listen to our diocese and find the best candidates to match the search profile, seeking those who were most highly qualified to match what we were seeking as authentic pastors, inspirational leaders and strategic administrators. “

“Throughout our process, we have looked for this unique constellation of gifts,” said the Nominating Committee in a statement to the diocese. “The nominees offer a diversity of experience and gifts, but they share in common a deep commitment to the mission of the Jesus movement, creative and faithful leadership in sharing the Good News inside and outside church walls, and the skills to oversee our large and diverse diocese.  Each brings a fresh articulation of the Gospel and renewed energy to the work before us of loving God and loving neighbor. “

As allowed by the constitution and canons of the diocese, additional nominations may be put forward via the petition process for two weeks following the announcement of the slate. The petition window is now open and will close at noon on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

As the work of the Nominating Committee comes to a close, the work of the Transition Committee is already well underway, with several opportunities being planned to give every person in the Diocese of North Carolina a chance to get to know the nominees before the special Election Convention in March. Additional details will be shared on the bishop search website and on all diocesan communication channels in the coming weeks.

The 12th diocesan bishop will replace the Most. Rev. Michael Curry, who was elected the 27th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church in 2015. Curry had served as the bishop of North Carolina since June 2000.