Deputy disagrees with house move to create rite

August 2, 2003

While most members of the Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music cognate committee voted to approve a substitute resolution calling for the development of rites for same-sex unions for possible inclusion in Enriching Our Worship, the Rev. Kendall Harmon, deputy of the Diocese of South Carolina, intends to deliver a minority report against it from the floor.

He opposes the committee’s resolution for two reasons: developing rites is premature, and the resolution is too weak.

“I’m absolutely convinced that we haven’t done the theological reflection necessary to do this,” he said. The church should not approve the development of rites before answering the theological questions, he said.

Second, he would prefer a stronger resolution calling for same-sex unions, even though he opposes them, so that the church can vote that issue up or down, he said. “It’s what I hear the church asking for.”

He would have supported such a resolution in committee – even though he opposes such unions – then spoken against it as a deputy when it reached the house, he said