Deputies chosen for presiding bishop nominating committee

August 6, 2003

Eighteen deputies were elected from the House of Deputies Thursday to be on the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop. Two members, one clergy and one lay, were elected from each of the church’s nine provinces.

Elected by simple majority were A. T. Mollegen, Jr., Connecticut, and the Rev. Thomas J. Brown, Vermont, Province I; Diane B. Pollard, New York, and the Rev. Jeannette De Friest, Newark, Province II; Jane R. Cosby, Pennsylvania, and the Rev. Mark Harris, Delaware, Province III; Vince Currie, Jr., Central Gulf Coast, and the Rev. (Elizabeth) Claiborne Jones, Atlanta, Province IV; Scott Evenbeck, Indianapolis, and the Rev. Richard L. Tolliver, Chicago, Province V; Don Betts, Nebraska, and the Rev. Ann K. Fontaine, Wyoming, Province VI; Sarah J. Knoll, Kansas, and the Rev. James P Haney V, Kansas, Province VII; Bettye Jo Harris, Hawaii, and the Rev. Bavi Edna (Nedi) Rivera, California, Province VIII; and Blanca Echeverry, Colombia, and the Rev. Luis F. Ruiz, Colombia, Province IX.

The 29-member committee comprises 18 representatives from the House of Deputies (one clergy and one lay person from each of the nine provinces) and nine bishops, one from each of the nine provinces. The House of Deputies President George Werner also will appoint two youth members between the ages of 16 and 21.

On Wednesday, the House of Bishops elected the following bishops to serve on the nominating committee: Gayle Harris, suffragan of Massachusetts, Province I; Gladstone Adams, bishop of Central New York, Province II; Peter Lee, bishop of Virginia, Province III; Duncan Gray III, bishop of Mississippi, Province IV; Kenneth Price, suffragan of Southern Ohio, Province V; Bruce Caldwell, bishop of Wyoming, Province VI; Donald Wimberly, bishop of Texas, Province VII; Jerry Lamb, bishop of Northern California, Province VIII; and David Alvarez, bishop of Puerto Rico, Province IX.

Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold is entering the final three years of a nine-year term. The Joint Nominating Committee will essentially become a search committee to select a slate of episcopal candidates. The House of Bishops has the responsibility to vote on who will be the next Presiding Bishop with confirmation required from the House of Deputies at the 75th General Convention held in Columbus, Ohio, June 12-21.