Corbie Hill

Asheville, NC
September 26, 2006

I'm the kind of person who is shy in new social groups and settings. I prefer to approach people one at a time. As such, it's difficult for me to join (or even enter the building of) a new and strange church. I'm not a fan of meeting a crowd of people of any size all at once. If I am in such an environment I generally shut down and stay silent.

I appreciate the Episcopal Church and on some level (not as much as I once did) I would like to rejoin it in an active capacity. The primary reason I no longer go is, unfortunately, due to the fact that a church is (by its nature) a community. I have become a very solitary person in the past few years, keeping very few people close.

I believe that the publication and mailing of a subscription based Episcopal newspaper would be the best way to draw my interest into the church, into a way to connect with those people in the church with whom I believe I could have healthy intellectual and spiritual discourse. I am an avid reader and the publication of this paper/periodical/journal (however it ends up being organized) would be the best way to pique my interest or rekindle my desire for religious discussion. Possibly there could be regional versions of this publication, complete with meetings and discussions in a central point (in whatever regions) every month or two.

The idea is not fully fleshed out by any means, but is a bare bones outline of a thing that may be able to reach me where large scale social interaction repulses me.