Convention’s younger faces

E3 and Young Adult Festival join official youth presence in Columbus
May 31, 2006

Come to the Young Adult Festival at General Convention 2006 in Columbus and discern in a community of your peers from around the country where God is calling you, say young adult leaders in a themed “invitation” announcement about the coming festival.

Many voices of youth and young adults in the Episcopal Church will be heard this June as the participants gather at several events: the festival; the General Convention Official Youth Presence; and E3: Educate, Experience, Empower, sponsored by the Diocese of Southern Ohio with support from the Episcopal Church’s Center’s Ministries with Young People program.

The youth presence, first authorized by the 1982 General Convention, is composed of two people from each of the nine provinces. They will be seated on the floor of the House of Deputies with voice, but no vote, and will address the House of Deputies and House of Bishops, as well as the Episcopal Church Women Triennial meeting.

E3, from June 15-18, offers an educational opportunity for students in grades 10-12 to learn how the church works, watch the General Convention in session and offer their point of view on issues, according to Southern Ohio’s youth webpage.

Young people ‘invited’

More than 150 participants will attend the festival that begins on June 12. The young adults are invited to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist, how to manage their time and fit God in their life, help church leaders attract young adults in their community, and how to experience church, said festival planners.

“The festival is an opportunity for young adults to listen to their peers,” said the Rev. Douglas Fenton, staff officer for the Office of Young Adult and Higher Educational Ministries. “It gives young people a place to be in community for thinking, dialoguing and for spiritual development.”

According to the young adult ministries website, participants can attend morning educational dialogue sessions, including “Minding the Gap,” “God Happens in Our Everyday Lives,” “Living Wi$ely,” “Place in the Church” and “Living our Faith out Loud.” Afternoon sessions such as “Roaring Lambs,” “The Still Small Voice and the Rule of Life,” “Responding to God’s call to love justice and do mercy,” “Be Open to all the Possibilities” and “What Sabbath?” will serve as spiritual exercises.

Brian Krislock, 23, is the webmaster and editor of the Diocese of Spokane’s newspaper, Inland Episcopalian. He attended General Convention 2000 as a member of the youth presence. This General Convention, he returns as a deputy.

Krislock was invited to be a member of a panel discussion about young adult leadership in the church. As an employee of the Diocese of Spokane, he said, “I feel I have something to offer as a young employee of the Episcopal Church, and I have been in leadership roles as a young person … as a member of the youth presence and on the EYE [Episcopal Youth Event] 2005 Design Team.”

“We have a unique perspective,” said Krislock, a lay reader at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Spokane Valley, Wash. “I think a variety of perspectives and backgrounds are important for a healthy church.”

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