Convention Notebook: Altar Guild officers installed; Volunteers needed to continue work

July 15, 2009

Much happens each day at General Convention. In addition to Episcopal Life Media's other coverage, here's some of what else happened on July 16.



Altar Guild officers installed at Los Angeles procathedral
New officers of the National Altar Guild Association were installed July 16 at St. John's ProCathedral in Los Angeles by Bishop Suffragan of Texas Rayford High during a service of Holy Eucharist. The Rev. David B. Hoopes, OHC, former chaplain to the Altar Guild in the Diocese of Long Island delivered the homily.

Officers installed are: Jane Ames, president; Katrina Packard, first vice president; John York, second vice president; Connie Castillio, secretary; Dolores Miller, nominating chairman; Lynn Hendricks, treasurer.

Volunteers needed to continue work of the Episcopal Church
The work of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church doesn't stop after the July 17 adjournment of the Anaheim gathering.

The committees, commissions, agencies and boards (CCABs) seek new volunteers to help them carry out the work assigned to them by the convention.

The CCABs (list available here) may receive resolutions from General Convention; study, review and discuss matters within their mandates during the following three years; and recommend policies and resolutions for the next convention.

After General Convention concludes on July 17, the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies will make their appointments to the CCABs. The Presiding Bishop appoints bishops, and the President of the House of Deputies appoints lay persons, priests and deacons.

Except for the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church, the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance and the Joint Standing Committee on Nominations, it is not necessary that nominees be bishops or deputies.

Most CCABs meet between two and four times each year, and all members must agree to serve a full term, which may be a six- or a three-year term, depending on the body.

Submissions are being accepted from May 1 until July 17, the last legislative day of General Convention. A form for volunteering to serve on CCABs for a six-year term is available here. This form can be completed online, or printed out and faxed to the General Convention Office at 212-972-9322 or delivered to the General Convention Secretariat in the Anaheim Convention Center during the July 8-17 convention. The forms will remain online until July 21.

General Convention's Deputy Executive Officer, Caspar van Helden, is available to answer any questions. He can be reached at 212-716-6144, or Kevin Lee Romero, van Helden's assistant, is also available at 212-716-6044 or