Contest Winners & Congressional Meetings

August 9, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS EPPN! Thanks to your hard work, the network has grown by more than 800 members this summer and nearly 12,000 messages have been sent to members of Congress. To reinforce those messages, we need you to meet with your elected officials during their “recess.”

The EPPN is proud to announce the winners of our Membership Drive Contest. The Grand Prize winner is Mike Kinman from Missouri. The five Runners-Up are Noah Evans (MA), Robert Hensley (MD), Thomas Luck (NY), Karen Nichols (IA), and Mark Sluss (MO). And, the Third Prize winners are Deborah Burns (KS), Wanda Guthrie (PA), Charles Hoffacker (MI), David James (WA), Lelanda Lee (CO), Carole Maddux (GA), Jon Owens (NE), Richard Patenaude (CA), Bowie Snodgrass (NY), Sue Stromquist (MN), Elizabeth Ring (ME), Judith Krum (VT), Richard Nelson (TX), Amanda Kucik (CT), and Ronald Olsen (VA). Thank you to all who participated.

Congress is now on its annual “Summer Recess.” Designed to give members a break from the swampy heat of Washington, this is a critical time to turn up the heat for our priorities. Recess is when lawmakers are most available. Whether formally in their offices, at a town hall meeting, or calling into a radio show, we encourage you to take the opportunity to meet with your members either one-on-one or with ecumenical partners to raise the concerns of the Church.

Take this opportunity to tell your members what you think. Congress has much unfinished business and there are still lots of issues on the table: Food Stamps, TANF, Global AIDS Funding, Cuba Travel Ban. You can find additional information about all of these issues and more on our website

And then tell us what they had to say! We want to hear about your contacts with your elected representatives – this is very helpful information as we strategize for the fall session and determine our lobbying “targets.” Send us a message at

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