Consultant and writer Elizabeth Freese wins Creation Care sermon contest

October 5, 2009

Elizabeth Freese, founder of Deep Conversion Communications, has won the Franciscan Philanthropist Award in this year's Earth Ministry sermon contest.

One of four finalists preaching at University Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington, Freese's "The Irresistible, Sustainable Future" raised the most money from those in attendance for the religious environmental non-profit.

Freese is a member of St. Hildegard's Community at St. George's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. Her work through Deep Conversion Communications bridges the worlds of environmental and Christian organizations, addressing the need for crucial cultural transformation.

The winning sermon linked the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly with the passion and resurrection of Christ and the process of societal transformation today.

"In our confrontation with ecosystem limits, [principles of mutual, caring community that Jesus and his followers stood up for and celebrated] are the only principles which enable sustainable life, and so it is no accident that the essence of the current global movement for eco/social justice is hauntingly similar to that of the kin-dom inaugurated by Jesus long ago," said Freese.

Attendees at the event celebrating St. Francis voted with their dollars for the sermons presented, raising more than $4,600 to support Earth Ministry. The Rev. Anne Hall of Seattle won the People's Choice Award with her "Keepers of God's Beloved World." Other finalists were Jeanie Graustein of New Haven, Connecticut, and the Rev. Dr. Henry Langknecht of Columbus, Ohio.

Earth Ministry is a non-profit rooted in Washington State, but serving congregations and individuals concerned with creation care nationally and internationally though education, modeling and advocacy.

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