Congress - Don't Give Up on Health Care

January 26, 2010

Over the last year, Episcopalians from across the country have advocated for reform of our health care system and urged Congress to pass a comprehensive plan to provide quality, affordable health care for all Americans. There are some who now want to stop just when we have come so close to comprehensively addressing our broken health care system.

We cannot afford to let this historic opportunity to restore the health and wholeness of families struggling to afford and access critical health care services pass us by. Turning back now will only lead to too many more years of denied care, higher numbers of uninsured, increasing health care costs, and lack of access to needed care.

As people of faith, let us use our voices and our testimonies to encourage of political leaders to show faith, courage, and leadership and guarantee quality, affordable health care coverage and peace of mind to American families.

Please call your Member of Congress today to urge them to stand strong and support comprehensive health reform. We have come too far to give up!

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-270-0309 and ask for your Senator or Representative.

When you are connected to your member's office these are things that you might say:

  • Families in our community are still struggling to afford and access health care.
  • Please let Representative/Senator _____ know that I and many other people in our district are still very supportive of health care reform.
  • We are so close to this victory, and we need to see this through. Our families, and future generations, are counting on this. Please ask Representative/Senator ____ to support health reform.