Community group offers refugee families support, builds mutual understanding

December 18, 2012

In Boise, Idaho, a group of generous community members has given the gift of a Merry Christmas to 20 families of newly-arrived refugees. The Eternal League of Friends (ELF) teams with EMM’s affiliate partners at Agency for New Americans, to provide those new to the country with welcome and gifts during a season marked by generosity.

The group, made up of dozens of individuals and families from the Boise community, served refugee families from Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Somalia and Ethiopia in 2012.

In providing essential gifts like school supplies, shoes, clothing and household items, along with the occasional child’s toy, ELF also extended a spirit of welcome to the newcomers. This year, ELF hosted their gift exchange at a local school, bringing food, gifts and even Santa Claus along as well.

Their generosity caught the attention of the local television news, while earning the gratitude of the staff at ANA and the 65 refugees who participated this year.