From Columbus: Bonnie Anderson is elected to lead House of Deputies

June 13, 2006

Bonnie Anderson, vice president of the House of Deputies and a lay deputy from the Diocese of Michigan, was elected unanimously as the next president of the House of Deputies June 14.

In the first order of business Wednesday morning, Anderson was the only nominee put forward and was elected by acclamation. Anderson took the podium with the current Bishop of Michigan, Wendell Gibbs, and retired Michigan Bishop H. Coleman McGehee.

She acknowledged her family as they looked on from the spectators' gallery. "They think that this election is 'the' election at this General Convention," she told the house.

In her remarks, which she delivered in both English and Spanish, Anderson thanked the deputies for the opportunity to serve and said she especially was looking forward to becoming better acquainted with members of Province IX, which includes some of the overseas dioceses within the Episcopal Church.

Anderson is completing a three-year term as vice president of the House of Deputies. She is past president of the Standing Committee in the Diocese of Michigan and currently serves on the Commission on Ministry. As a six-time lay deputy, she served on the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance (PB&F) for four terms and served as its president for two terms.

As Deputies president, Anderson will serve as presiding officer during the meeting of the House of Deputies at the 76th General Convention. In addition, she will serve as vice president of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, the elected body that carries out programs and policies adopted by the General Convention and oversees the ministry and mission of the Church. The president also appoints lay and clergy members of most committees, commissions, agencies and boards that serve the church.

Selection of a successor to Anderson as vice president of the House of Deputies is slated for later this week.