COLORADO: Convention emphasizes growing health of diocese

October 10, 2007

Delegates and others who attended the 120th Convention of The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado -- which took place Oct. 5 and 6 at St. John's Cathedral in Denver -- heard a great deal of good news about the diocese and its direction.

The convention was encouraged by Bishop Robert O'Neill to "set out into the deep, embracing one another fearlessly, courageously, freely, generously, with gentleness, with humility, with compassion, and with the infinite Love that is God."

The complete text of O'Neill's address is available here.

Delegates passed a balanced $1.9 million budget, along with legislation that enables congregations to create mission partnerships to share resources while maintaining distinct identities. That legislation is due to be posted here soon.

The delegates also elected representatives to the Diocesan Standing Committee, the Ecclesiastical Court, and clergy and lay deputies to General Convention.

No resolutions were proposed or discussed at this convention.

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