COLORADO: Conference will consider resort ministry

May 11, 2008

Episcopal clergy of the Diocese of Colorado who are involved in daily acts of ministry in resort settings are designing a conference for others involved in similar ministries.


"Gospel Proclamation in a Hyper-Consumer, Vacation-Mindset Society" is set to run October 21-23 at the Keystone Conference Center, which is part of the Keystone Resort in Summit County, Colorado.

Ministering in recreational and resort settings is "uniquely rewarding and challenging all in the same breath," the designers write on the conference website.

"People come to these one-of-a-kind places to be refreshed and renewed -- to bask in God’s creation on the mountaintop, in the swiftly moving water, on the face of a steep rock, or along the winding trail," they write. "Yet often we may find in the very same places a low receptivity to matters of faith: an individualism that may supersede the need for church. Identity, choice, and hospitality all play a role and may look very different from place to place."

The designers aim to offer a meeting that will help participants produce profiles for effective and creative ministry in resort and recreational areas; network with other ministers; and "participate in producing a lasting record of insights about the challenges that face the wider Church in today’s cultural context, with special emphasis on how these challenges tend to be amplified in resort/recreational areas," according to the conference website.

The conference will feature the Rev. Dr. Eddie Gibbs who speaks on church growth and evangelism.

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