Church Publishing grows

Acquires Morehouse Publishing and Living the Good News
October 31, 2005

Church Publishing incorporated, an affiliate of the Church Pension Fund best known as the official publisher of worship books for Episcopalians, has bought two other companies specializing in Episcopal materials -- Morehouse Publishing and Living The Good News.

Bishop Hays Rockwell, chair of the CPI board of directors, announced the acquisitions Oct. 11. Financial details were not disclosed. “The combination of these three strong companies allows us to provide integrated and expanded program resources, church supplies, educational materials and books to the church and its people,” Rockwell said.

The new combined entity will continue operating Morehouse Publishing, Living the Good News, and Church Publishing in their current locations in Harrisburg, Pa., and Denver, Colo. “Our intent is to serve the church more effectively through an integrated organization and shared resources,” explained the Rev. Kenneth Arnold, CPI’s publisher.

CPI, founded in1918 as the Church Hymnal Corporation, publishes The Book of Common Prayer, The Hymnal 1982 and official publications of General Convention, as well as liturgical-planning software and online services through its Church Publishing imprint. The company also publishes books through its Seabury and Church Publishing imprints.

Morehouse Publishing has offered books on spirituality, liturgy and worship, prayer, the Bible, theology, ethics, Christian education, homiletics, parish administration and contemporary social issues. Living The Good News is a lectionary-based curriculum publisher of faith-formation programs and resources for liturgically based denominations to assist members in prayer, worship and spiritual growth.

Customers should continue to contact Morehouse, Church Publishing and Living The Good News through existing telephone numbers, websites and post office addresses, CPI executives said.