Chris Decker

Los Angles, CA
September 26, 2006

If I could express a final thought or two to the leaders of the national church, I could not express enough the need for well placed advertising. The message is out there but not reaching the places where it is needed most. Secondly, young adults that are not active in the church are not so peachy keen and neutral as they may be perceived. As a very church active young adult, I have seen a lot of resentment and hurt for various reasons and this brokenness needs to be addressed before individual healing can begin. The problem is that all this anger and hurt is usually unfocused, and therefore difficult to resolve.

The Episcopal Church needs to advertise at AA meetings, at Planned Parenthood and internet cafes. Go where needed! An ad in the yellow pages is fine, but a flyer for free dinner at the new Alpha course tacked up in the student center at the local college would have way better results. I think this is the most overlooked outlet the church readily has at its disposal.