CANADA: Bishops continue moratorium on same-gender blessings

November 5, 2007

Canada's Anglican bishops, at their regular fall meeting, decided to leave in place a set of pastoral guidelines concerning church services for gay couples that stops short of blessings or marriage. They also expressed serious concern about Canadian participation in activities widening the schism in the Anglican Communion.

During an extended meeting held October 25-30, about 40 bishops and their spouses attended a huge church service at the John Labatt Centre arena celebrating the host Diocese of Huron's 150th anniversary. Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the primate, on October 28 told the 8,000 attendees that the service theme of "Light and Life" is "grounded in the way we pray at every eucharist...We who drink (Christ's) cup bring life to others. We whom the spirit lights bring light to the world."

About 60 descendants of Huron's first bishop, Benjamin Cronyn, attended the service, including actor Tandy Cronyn, daughter of actors Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. "This was very moving to me, very special," she commented in a brief interview.

The episcopal couples enjoyed time together, visiting the Stratford Festival and engaging in a moderated discussion of "wellness in the episcopal household." They were joined by their six Evangelical Lutheran counterparts for the service and for business meetings held October 28-30.

The full story is available on the Anglican Journal website.