Bishops elected to nominating committee

August 6, 2003

Episcopal representation on the committee charged with presenting a slate of candidates for the election the next presiding bishop in 2006 includes two bishops suffragan, one of whom is the only female and only black bishop to serve on the committee.

In its final action during the Wednesday afternoon session, the House of Bishops elected the following bishops to the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop: Gayle Harris, suffragan of Massachusetts, Province I; Gladstone Adams, bishop of Central New York, Province II; Peter Lee, bishop of Virginia, Province III; Duncan Gray III, bishop of Mississippi, Province IV; Kenneth Price, suffragan of Southern Ohio, Province V; Bruce Caldwell, bishop of Wyoming, Province VI; Donald Wimberly, bishop of Texas, Province VII; Jerry Lamb, bishop of Northern California, Province VIII; and David Alvarez, bishop of Puerto Rico, Province IX.

The new membership reflects the current composition of the House of Bishops. The new committee will also have slightly less ethnic and cultural diversity. Like the current committee, just one African-American bishop — Gayle Harris — will be on the committee. The single African American bishop on the present committee is Wendell Gibbs, Jr., of Michigan. Only one Latin bishop was elected — David Alvarez — whereas the 2000-2003 committee had three (Leo Alard of Texas, Lloyd Allen of Honduras and Julio Cesar Holguin of the Dominican Republic).

The House of Deputies was scheduled to elect its members to the committee Thursday afternoon; The Rev. George Werner, president of the House of Deputies will also appoint two person between the ages of 16-21 to teh committee.