Andrew Kronenwetter is appointed associate program officer for multicultural ministries

January 16, 2009

Andrew Kronenwetter, Ph.D., has accepted an appointment as associate program officer for multicultural ministries for the Episcopal Church, according to an announcement from the Rev. Suzanne Watson, director of the Evangelism and Congregational Life Center.


Kronenwetter, who will be based at the Seattle, Washington, region office of the Episcopal Church Center, was a communication professor at Rochester College, Rochester Hills, Michigan, for 18 years, specializing in intercultural communication and cultural studies.

"The twin threads of faith and communication have intertwined through most of my adult years," says Kronenwetter, who has also worked in youth ministry, teaching Bible classes, preaching, and leading mission/service trips. "As an educator and as a Christian, I am fascinated by the intersection of religion, culture, and communication."

The Rev. Canon Angela Ifill, program officer for Black ministries, who was on the interview team, said "It is my hope that Andrew's ministry will complement the work already in progress. I also hope that we will work collaboratively to enhance the Church's commitment to develop leadership and increased ministries with people of color for full inclusion in all aspects of the Church's work."

Multicultural ministries include those for the Black, Asian and Hispanic/Latino communities, as well as those for persons living with disabilities.

Kronenwetter says that he sees his new position as an opportunity to learn from the cultural backgrounds of those he meets as he visits and works with parishes and dioceses throughout the church.

"While multiculturalism and diversity have been buzz words for more than a decade," he said, "I think the real challenge we face is not simply recognizing and celebrating diverse cultures. The real challenge is integrating diverse peoples into a common culture -- the Body of Christ -- without sacrificing the richness of the cultures we represent, and without subjugating the many cultures to a single dominant culture."

Dr. Kronenwetter received a B.A. in religion from Ohio Valley University, an M.S. in education from Harding University, and a Ph.D. in communication from Wayne State University. He and his wife, Lisa, have four children and four granddaughters.

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