Act Today to Save Critical Funds for Fighting Extreme Poverty

April 17, 2007

2007 represents the halfway point to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and now – more than ever – United States leadership is critical in the fight to end deadly poverty and disease around the world. Last month, the United States Senate took an important step in that direction, and your voice is needed to ensure that this critical victory is maintained.

Here is what happened:
In March, the House and the Senate each passed their own versions of the FY’08 Federal budget. The Senate version included an historic bipartisan agreement to increase the international-affairs budget by $2.2 billion to a total of $39.8 billion. The House version is $37.6 billion. The international-affairs section of the budget contains nearly all the money America devotes to the fight to eradicate global poverty and achieve the MDGs. This includes funding for the fight against AIDS and malaria, for education, clean water, and the empowerment of women. Click here for more information.

How you can help make sure this victory is maintained:
The Budget however is the first step. Another critical step takes place in the House and Senate Appropriations Committees where members actually divide up the funds from the final budget. It is important for members of both the House and Senate Appropriations Committee to use those funds for international affairs, not some other area of the budget. Members of those committees need to hear from other lawmakers that their constituents want to be sure that the Senate figure of $39.8 billion for international affairs is the final figure. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR LAWMAKERS.