65 years of peacemaking

EPF launches $300,000 pledge campaign at anniversary dinner
November 30, 2004

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship began its 65th-year celebration on Nov. 12 with a celebratory dinner in Washington, D.C., and the unveiling of plans for “A Passion of Peace” pledge campaign with a goal of $300,000 to support new programs.

The campaign will provide funds to support nonviolence training throughout the United States and in Israel and Palestine, as well as regional peace events. Co-chairs of the campaign committee are former Presiding Bishop Edmond L. Browning and Dr. Margaret Lawrence.

On Nov. 17, the fellowship presented a Creative PeaceMaking award to Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold in New York in recognition of “spiritual leadership and courageous initiatives in peacemaking and reconciliation.”

Janet Chisholm, EPF chair, said the presentation was in response to a General Convention action (GC 2000-D022) directing that the church should promote a culture of nonviolence that values, love, compassion and justice and rejects violence as a way to solve problems. Episcopalians across the country will be asked to support the pledge campaign that will be operated by the 45 U.S. EPF chapters.

Conscientious objection

The EPF expresses unambiguous preference for nonviolent approaches to conflict, condemning the aggressive use of war and for those who want to be recognized by the government as conscientious objectors. The Episcopal Church maintains a registry and provides materials, forms and advice for creating a dossier to authenticate the claim.
An information packet exploring these issues is available from the Registrar of Conscientious Objection, The Episcopal Church Center, 815 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017. An electronic version of the packet is available at http://www.episcopalchurch.org/myp/co/.

For more information on EPF and the pledge campaign, visit: http://http://epfnational.org/