Investing With Us

Any Episcopal parish, diocese or other Episcopal-affiliated organization is welcome to place funds in custody in the DFMS Endowment Portfolio.  All funds so invested participate on a pro-rata basis in all returns and share proportionately in the investment management fees and expenses.  There are no additional charges for portfolio administration.  Each new custodial trust fund is created through a resolution of Executive Council.

2020 DIVIDEND RATE:  Executive Council sets the annual dividend payable on the Trust Funds in the DFMS Endowment Portfolio.  For 2020, the amount is $1.11 per share based on 5.0% of the average yearend market values of the portfolio for the five years ending 2018.  To estimate your annual dividend, multiply $1.11 by the number of shares you held at the end of 2019.  Actual amounts will vary if you add to or reduce your holdings during the year.

Learn more about investing with us and the standard operating procedures by downloading the documents below or by contacting Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre in the Treasurer’s Office.

N. Kurt Barnes
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer