Good News Gardens

Join the movement - Plant, Pray, & Proclaim!

An invitation from The Episcopal Church Creation Care and Evangelism Departments:

As the realities and repercussions of COVID-19 continue to unfold, one area we know will continue to be affected is our food supply. The issues surrounding food justice are broad and often complex; from the use of land to the treatment of field workers to the shipping of goods to the refilling of our food pantries, right down to how we choose the food that goes on our own tables - these are all systems in need of just and proactive responses in the best of times.

So how can we help now? What action can we take, separated as many of us are by stay-home orders?

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, in his recent pastoral letter to the Church, spoke these words to us: "As our seasons of life in the COVID-19 world continue to turn, we are called to continue to be creative, to risk, to love. We are called to ask, What would unselfish, sacrificial love do? What would love do? Love is the community praying together, in ways old and new. Love finds a path in this new normal to build church communities around being in relationship with God. Love supports Christians in spiritual practices. Prayer, meditation, study. Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest."

We believe that one thing that love could do right now is call a community of people with the ability to plant gardens of all sizes and kinds together – from small pots of herbs to hundreds of acres of corn – in order to share the love of Christ through word and action, food and labor. We believe that one new and sacrificial act of love that we could offer is to commit to planting more, praying more, and proclaiming more, in order to share the loving, liberating, and life-giving Good News of God’s love with all people.

Will you join us in keeping alert, standing firm in our faith, being courageous, being strong, and letting all we do be done in love?

How to Join in the Movement:

  1. Plant: Commit to planting more than you would under average circumstances in order to share the bounty. This may mean you plant one window box of herbs when you have never planted any, or you add an extra row to your garden or an extra hen to your flock.
  2. Pray: Commit to praying daily for our church and our world to form loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation through the better use of our land – personally and communally. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we will be sending a monthly email with scripture, prayer, and practical resources.
  3. Proclaim: Commit to proclaiming the love of God through word and example by sharing your Good News Garden commitment, status, and story via social media channels, and personal testimonies (A great place to begin is by joining the Agrarian Ministries Group on Facebook). Click here to download a folder of shareable images and files, including postcards and yard signs. 

Benefits of Joining:

When you commit to the Good News Garden Movement you will be joining Jesus and his way of love. To help you on your journey you will receive support in the following ways:

  • Monthly newsletters that will include: 
    • Wisdom from leaders in Episcopal Agrarian, Evangelism, Creation Care, and Justice ministries.
    • Practical links on growing and sharing the bounty
    • Way of Love in the Garden Bible Study
    • Prayers for Growers
    • Additional videos, podcasts, and other helpful resource links.
  • Community Support via the Agrarian Ministries of the Episcopal Church Facebook Group
  • Good News Garden Webinars and Open Office Hours from Creation Care and Evangelism

Additional Resources

Food and Faith Podcast
Good News Gardens and Prophetic Poultry: A Conversation With Jerusalem Greer.

Webinar: A conversation on Good News Gardens
A conversation with Jerusalem Greer, Staff Officer for Evangelism for The Episcopal Church, and Nurya Love Parish, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Plainsong Farm to learn about the Episcopal Church Good News Garden Movement and how you can be involved.


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The Rev. Melanie Mullen
Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care

Phoebe Chatfield
Administrative Associate for Creation Care

Jerusalem Greer
Staff Officer for Evangelism