For 125 years, The Episcopal Church, the United Thank Offering, has supported the work of mission, both throughout the world and in the domestic United States. That missionary offering has been one of our greatest missionary offerings, and it is a great tribute to one woman, who was born 165 years ago, whose name is Julia Chester Emery. She was born in September, 165 years ago, and in September the United Thank Offering will celebrate her birth through educational opportunities and programs that highlight the good and important work of the United Thank Offering. I was in a country that had been in civil war for a number of years; much had been destroyed, much of the landscape; the city where I was had been destroyed and was barely recognizable as an urban community. There was one building that stood among the rubble, and at the top of that building were the words “Peace House.” I found out later that that building was built in the 1960s with funds from the United Thank Offering. That building is used to this day as a place where people who differ and disagree gather together for conversation and to work out their problems. The work of the United Thank Offering makes a difference. It makes a difference around the world; it makes a difference here in the United States. It makes a difference because through the United Thank Offering, and our offerings to it, we can follow in the footsteps of Jesus who came not to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many. God bless you, Julia Chester Emery, and God bless the United Thank Offering.