July 27, 2016

By: Office of Government Relations

Speak out about a number of important issues this August!

Although Congress is out of session until early September, the August recess is a time when your members may be more accessible than ever. Many members travel back to their home states or districts and may be available for in-...

October 31, 2006

She says she has no nightmares about stepping over human bones strewn on the ground. She says she wasn’t traumatized by her trip to Rwanda to learn why one group of people killed another. But 16-year-old Mallika Kandelwhal is not your average American high school student.


September 30, 2005

Robert Odabashian (“Recalling Days of Horror,” July/August) calls for the present-day Turkish government to apologize for the 1915 genocide that literally erased millions of Armenians and relocated millions more. At the time I read his poignant plea, I already was sadly recalling the 1995...

June 30, 2005

I would like to acquaint my fellow Episcopalians with a genocide that occurred 90 years ago, perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks. Armenians throughout the world again observed the anniversary of this tragic event on April 24.

The year 1915 was a terrible year for 2.5 million Christian-...

July 11, 2002

General Secretary Konrad Raiser of the World Council of Churches met with a group of Rwandan genocide suspects being held at a detention camp in Arusha, Tanzania, focusing on the meaning of reconciliation. The July 4 visit was authorized by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.