Criminal Justice


July 31, 2003

The House of Deputies began 10 days of debate and decision Wednesday by addressing issues of fair sentencing laws and health care.

The 831 deputies seated included 416 clerical and 415 lay deputies.

Following an impassioned endorsement by a judge, deputies overwhelmingly approved...

July 10, 2003

General Convention ‘00 “urged Congress to pass legislation which would amend the current federal law to include real or perceived sexual orientation, gender, and disability as protected under federal prosecution of a hate crime and expand the number of settings in which the law can be...

May 1, 2003

Cuban church leaders have responded to criticism of their government by calling for understanding from Christians around the world of the 'grave threats to its security and integrity' the Caribbean island nation faces from the United States.

Cuba's imprisonment of 75 dissidents...

November 25, 2002

On November 25, the FBI released its annual report, "Hate Crime Statistics 2001." The 136-page jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction report provides hate crime data collected under the 1990 Hate Crime Statistics Act. This report is available online at:


November 5, 2002

Conferees attending the Prison Ministry Task Force Conference entitled 'Out of Darkness into Light,' held October 17-18 in Baltimore, were challenged to confront their legislators and representatives with facts about the death penalty.

They also were urged to confront prison conditions...