March 13, 2020

A letter from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to the Church. Please share widely.


Dear Friends in Christ,

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting much of our individual and corporate lives, posing a threat to the health of so many.  In such a time it is important for us to...

March 13, 2020

Una carta del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry a la Iglesia. Por favor, comparta ampliamente.


Estimados amigos en Cristo,

La pandemia COVID-19 está afectando a gran parte de nuestra vida individual y corporativa, lo que representa una amenaza para la salud de tantos.  En...

March 13, 2020

In response to the spread of the coronavirus in the United States and around the world, The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations has released a Public Health and Policy Advocacy document. An overview follows.

Public Health

Christians have an obligation to care for...

March 12, 2020

Declaración del Obispo Presidente de la Cámara de Obispos

Jueves, 12 de marzo de 2020

Día #3

Siempre se da la oportunidad a los comulgantes de recibir separadamente el Pan y el Vino consagrados (BCP pagina 407)


March 12, 2020

Statement of the Presiding Bishop to the House of Bishops

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Day #3

“Opportunity is always to be given to every communicant to receive the consecrated Bread and Wine separately.”  (BCP p. 407)


March 12, 2020

En la noche del 11 de marzo de 2020, el Obispo Presidente de la Iglesia Episcopal Michael Curry compartió el mensaje siguiente con los obispos de la Iglesia Episcopal:


Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas:

Con el brote de COVID-19 que la Organización Mundial de la Salud acaba de...

March 12, 2020

On the evening of March 11, 2020 Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Michael Curry shared the following message with bishops of The Episcopal Church:


Dear Sisters and Brothers, 

We are facing an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 outbreak, which the World...

March 10, 2020

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued the following statement.

In this time when we are all affected by the coronavirus, whether directly or indirectly, whether physically, biologically, psychologically, spiritually, and for many economically, it may...

March 10, 2020

El Obispo Presidente de la Iglesia Episcopal Michael Curry ha emitido la siguiente declaración.

Mire el video del mensaje del Obispo Presidente aquí.

En este momento, en el que todos estamos afectados por el coronavirus, ya sea directa o indirectamente, ya sea física, biológica,...