November 30, 2003

There is one ornament on our Christmas tree that doesn't look right.

Amid the pretty glass baubles, hand-carved wood shapes, colorful projects made by the children and old-fashioned gold beads, a large pompon hangs from a piece of yarn. And it's not a pretty one, either. Dirty white-and...

December 13, 2002

The Scottish Episcopal Church has launched an ad campaign in train stations across the country to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas.

Posters show one of the three kings looking down in horror at a price tag left on his gift of gold to the baby Jesus. The slogan reads, '...

December 25, 1999


is God's shocking insistence that flesh and blood like ours

be the medium of God's Word.


No abstraction,

no lofty vision,

no finely wrought dogma,

no sacred tradition can mollify the shock of this truth:

As one of us


December 25, 1999

We move along, through days and years, trying to be faithful. Yet, for all our prayers, our pondering of scripture and our participation in the sacraments and life of the church, in our hearts there is often a still small voice of accusation which judges us continually, and finds us wanting....