November 19, 2003

Advent, the season which begins the church year, is a time of waiting and expectation. During these weeks we prepare ourselves “in the time of this mortal life” for Christ’s coming among us. As the collect for the first Sunday in Advent makes plain, Christ coming among us has different...

December 1, 2002

Advent is a season of powerlessness in which we are invited to set aside the various ways we seek to reassure ourselves that we are in control of our lives and are, therefore, invulnerable to all the uncertainties which constitute life as it is actually lived. Advent is a season in which we get...

December 1, 1998

Advent is a season filled with paradox: it marks both a beginning and an end. It marks a time of waiting and anticipation, as we look to the incarnation of the word of God in the person of Jesus Christ. At the same time, it causes us to reflect on Christ coming again at the end of time to...