Sacred Ground: Registration

Please register your group in order to have access to all Sacred Ground materials and resources. Once registered, the lead organizer will receive an email with instructions and a password. An Episcopal congregation (or other Episcopal entity) must be the primary institutional registrant. Other faith or secular institutions may partner to co-host a dialogue circle, but the lead host must be Episcopal due to the film and book license agreements.

The link and password can be shared with group members. There is no need for individuals to register. Anyone wishing to participate in, but not organize, a circle should speak to clergy or lay leaders to express your interest in the Sacred Ground Dialogue Series.


Name and email address of the lead organizer who will recieve the authorizing password and link information:

Note: If your parish is hosting more than one circle, and the same person is organizing all of them, please indicate the number of circles above. If, however there is a different organizer for each circle, please have each organizer register separately, so we know how to contact all organizers.

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