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Pilgrimage of Hope


Fresno to Sacramento CA
United States
Saturday, May 04, 2019 to Monday, May 20, 2019

Beginning May 4th, following Eucharist and a blessing at St James Cathedral in Fresno, pilgrims will begin their walk to Sacramento where they will converge with other faith communities, immigrants and concerned citizens on May 20th at the state capital to celebrate the gifts and contributions that our immigrant brothers and sisters bring to our communities, and to champion and advocate for immigrant rights.  At stops along the way, walkers will gather with the local faith community to share the purpose of the walk, learn about local concerns of immigrants and pray together.

In 2017, the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin passed a resolution at its diocesan convention to form the Immigration Task Force, to explore the needs of immigrants in our communities, how we can engage our worshiping communities in walking along side immigrants, and how we, as a people of faith and followers of the Jesus Movement, can better see Christ in the face of the other.

Since that resolution passed, the Immigration Task Force has evolved into what is now known as SJRAISE (San Joaquin Refugee and Immigration Support for Empowerment).  We have stood alongside our partners at Faith in the Valley, a PICO affiliate, advocating for those seeking just immigration policies, asylum and liberation.  We have worked with our clergy and laity on education and awareness raising, and our 2017 Revival with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was themed:  Called to be...a Safe Place for All God's People.

In the winter of 2017, the clergy and lay leaders began to dream of a pilgrimage...one where we, along with other faith communities and friends, would walk the diocese, engaging in formation and prayer along the way regarding the needs and concerns of our immigrant brothers and sisters.  Now we are ready to make this dream a reality.

We invite others to join us:

➢          Walk with us

➢          Support our effort financially (www.thepilgrimageofhope.org )

➢          Donate to our Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants (www.sjraise.org)

➢          Follow us on Facebook (EDSJ: A Safe Place for All God’s People)

➢          Pray with us

➢          Communicate with others about the Pilgrimage of Hope

➢          Join us in Sacramento on May 20, 2019

Anna Carmichael