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Please pray for relief from suicidal urges and self hate for being gay. My kin would disown me if known. I'm alone, losing my partner of 3 years, I have no one.
- Mike P
Please pray for my husband Keith; cardiac cath scheduled, and that recommended procedure will restore this health and vitality
- Diane
Please pray for my dad, Eric. He had an evolving stroke. Praying for his full recovery!
- Betsie J
Please continue to intercede for my prayers. According to the Glory in Christ Jesus, pray that the Lord will involve Me and my Job and my Home, amen
For Matt, a fine young man and Marine who served in Iraq then earned his college degree several years ago, to finally be offered a permanent teaching position!
- Sally
Please pray that Christ will increase my income and heal my body.
- Richard M
Prayers for those fighting cancer and Covid-19.
- Rhonda
I ask your prayers for me personally for cancer that my doctors say may give me another 5 years of life.
- Randall L. J.
Pray that my son does not separate himself and my granddaughter from me. That he allows me to baptize her, already 5, in the Episcopal Church.
- Blanca