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My manager is a bully. I love my job but I'm terrified I will lose it. Please pray that God will show me the right way to react & also to soften his heart.
- Cara W
Prayer warriors, please surround Ali K with your healing g prayers. She has a diagnosis of metastatic cancer. Prayer changes things!
- Linda K
Prayer warriors, please surround Kincey G. with your healing prayers. He has a recent diagnosis of ALS.
- Andi S.
Please help me pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede in all the actions of Michele & Fatima, In the name of Jesus, blessed be, amen
I am alone, money running out, and am unable to find a job. Please pray for my faith.
- Karla F.
Pray for my dog Lily who has broken her leg and is having surgery next week.
- Jiant
Please pray for Johannan Kelly who has been missing since Monday, November 11, 2019.
- Her Family
Return of lost cat, lost in england 1 week ago. May zippers find her way home...
- Lynn A
Almighty God in Heaven, I pray that you would bless the marriage of my oldest granddaughter. Thank You for comforting and guiding her and her husband. Amen
- John R