U.S. Anglican Congress


February 27, 2003

A document being called the 'Atlanta Covenant' has emerged from a December meeting of conservative Episcopalians and members of churches in the Anglican tradition that are not in communion with the archbishop of Canterbury.

After initial gatherings in November 2000 and January 2002,...

December 10, 2002

'I have experienced more spiritual warfare in the runup to this conference than in anything I've ever done,' Pittsburgh bishop Robert Duncan told the December 4 opening plenary of the US Anglican Congress.

At least one of those skirmishes was more physical than spiritual, involving the...

December 10, 2002

More than 250 Episcopalians and 'continuing Anglicans,' mostly from the US with approximately a dozen attending from Canada and other Anglican provinces, gathered in Atlanta's Cathedral of St. Philip December 4-7 for the U.S. Anglican Congress (USAC).

Convened by the Rev. Richard Kew...

December 10, 2002

Calling the Atlanta gathering of Episcopalians and continuing Anglicans a 'U.S. Anglican Congress' hearkened back, for many participants, to a similar but much larger Congress of 25 years ago.

In September 1977 nearly 2,000 Anglican bishops, clergy and lay people met in St. Louis to...