House of Deputies


August 6, 2003

Deputies dismayed by the confirmation of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson as bishop-elect of New Hampshire expressed that unhappiness Wednesday morning when more than two dozen stood behind a spokesman as he read a prepared statement on the floor of the house.

“We believe that this is a...

August 4, 2003

Bonnie Anderson from Michigan, chair of the Program, Budget and Finance Joint Standing Committee for two terms, was elected vice president of the House of Deputies today.

Long active in parish, diocesan and national affairs, Anderson said her decision to run was urged by several...

August 2, 2003

Despite objections, deputies voted Friday afternoon to endorse the continuation of stem cell research and to call for making embryonic stem cells more widely available to researchers.

Randolph Dales of New Hampshire, chair of the Social and Urban Affairs committee, said that the...

July 31, 2003

The House of Deputies began 10 days of debate and decision Wednesday by addressing issues of fair sentencing laws and health care.

The 831 deputies seated included 416 clerical and 415 lay deputies.

Following an impassioned endorsement by a judge, deputies overwhelmingly approved...