October 10, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is set to display one of only three-known surviving copies of “the most dangerous book in Tudor England” as part of an event to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In 1536, William Tyndale was executed for his work in...

February 2, 2017

[Historical Society of the Episcopal Church] The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church, founded in 1910, invites applications from individual scholars as well as academic and ecclesiastical groups for grants to support significant research, conferences, and publications relating to the...

May 30, 2011

It has been called one of the two greatest works of the English language, rivaled only by Shakespeare. For many, it is the only Bible they consider "authentic." It was seven years in the making, the work of a 54-member committee, but within 90 years it had come to be known simply as "the Bible...

November 4, 2010

After 16 African-American students and faculty from Huston-Tillotson College in Austin could not find a hospitable Episcopal church in which to worship during the 1940s, they decided to start their own.

Sixty-some years later, several parishioners shared stories of how St. James'...

December 14, 2009

From the floor of the sanctuary at St. Augustine's Church on Manhattan's Lower East Side, the two tiny rooms to either side of the organ where blacks worshiped in the 1800s are barely visible.

"They could see and hear but not be seen well unless they stood up," said the Rev. Deacon Edgar...

June 1, 2008

John Henry Hopkins was bishop of Vermont and presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church when he suggested in 1851 that a gathering of Anglican bishops would be useful, but nothing happened. Fifteen years later, the Canadian Anglican Church suggested the same thing to the archbishop of Canterbury...

October 7, 2007

The Episcopal Church played an important part in laying the groundwork for global Anglicanism when it sent Samuel Seabury to the British Isles in 1784 to be consecrated. Bishops in the Church of England, however, thwarted Seabury's mission when he reached London.

The English church,...

July 10, 2007

The diverse and sometimes contentious nature of all Christianity and the Episcopal tradition was the subject of a recent gathering sponsored by Remain Episcopal in the Diocese of San Joaquin.

"Common Prayer, Uncommon People: The Episcopal Church," held June 23 at Holy Family Episcopal...

April 26, 2007

Before Jamestown, there was Virginia Beach -- or as it was first called, Cape Henry.

In late April of 1607, after almost five arduous months at sea, 105 English men and boys from the ships Discovery, Godspeed, and Susan Constant gratefully made landfall in what they called the New World...

April 1, 2007

The Episcopal Church will join the months-long observance of the 400th anniversary of North America's first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. The commemoration officially begins April 26 with the marking of the English settlers' first landing at what is now Virginia Beach....


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