Christmas Message


December 19, 2005


is God's shocking insistence that flesh and blood like ours

be the medium of God's Word.


No abstraction,

no lofty vision,

no finely wrought dogma,

no sacred tradition can mollify the shock of this truth:

As one of us


November 24, 2004

The sober joy of Christmas

Though we are now exchanging our "Merry Christmas" greetings, and carols fill the air telling us "tis the season to be jolly," Christmas provides something far greater than merriment, joviality, or an easy joy. Christmas points the way to something sober and...

November 17, 2003

The piercing wail of a newborn child shatters the silence of the night, and the peace of God which passes all understanding is unleashed upon a broken world. May that same peace be born in us and show forth in our lives, giving hope to those without hope and overcoming the hostilities that...

January 8, 2003

January 9 , 2003

I write these words in the early days of December, as I look ahead to Christmas and the beginning of the new year. What we shall be, as scripture tells us, has yet to be revealed, and therefore in our unknowing our challenge is to keep our eyes fixed on the hope that is...

December 5, 2002

One of the great treasures of the Christian world is the great heritage of Christmas songs and carols in the English language from the Middle Ages. Modern composers still want to set these beautiful and often surprising words. Some will have heard the carol beginning 'There is no rose of such...

November 19, 2002

Jesus' birth is God's declaration that embodiment is the way of divine dealing with our disordered and darkened world. Through this divine act of incarnation, Jesus became an actor in the particular time and place in which he was born. And, his personhood became a sign to us about the meaning...

November 25, 2001

December 24th, 2001 Christmas 2001

O God, your passionate Word to our warring and divided world is Jesus who, arms stretched upon a cross, breaks down all walls of division and hostility and holds all people and all creation in a fierce embrace of unyielding and unconquerable love.


December 25, 1999

We move along, through days and years, trying to be faithful. Yet, for all our prayers, our pondering of scripture and our participation in the sacraments and life of the church, in our hearts there is often a still small voice of accusation which judges us continually, and finds us wanting....

November 19, 1998

From the Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Reverend and Right Honorable George L. Carey

Once again, we are approaching Christmas and Eileen and I are delighted to be able to send our greetings to you all, wherever you are and in whatever way you will be celebrating this great feast of...

November 19, 1998

"Let the Son of God grow in you, for he is formed in you. Let him become very great-immense -- in you… and may he become to you a great smile and exaltation and perfect joy which no one can take from you." These words from a 12th century abbot, Isaac de l'Etoile, invite us to reflect again on...