Christian Mission


January 31, 2017

A medida que la Iglesia Episcopal relanza a los Voluntarios Episcopales en Misión, se invita a los candidatos adultos interesados ​​a considerar las oportunidades de compartir y aprender en lugares a lo largo de la Comunión Anglicana.

“Estamos relanzando este programa misionero existente...

January 31, 2017

As the Episcopal Church relaunches Episcopal Volunteers in Mission, interested adult candidates are invited to consider opportunities for sharing and learning in locales throughout the Anglican Communion.

“We are relaunching this long-standing missionary program to make people aware of...

March 19, 2003

An ecumenical conference on the theme of 'Christian Mission in the 21st Century Caribbean' was held in Barbados in response to a statement from the House of Bishops of the Province of the West Indies that called on dioceses to emphasize mission as the key to development.

Dr. Noel Titus...