Black Ministries


April 30, 2003


Consecrated September 24, 1988 Diocese of Southern Ohio

VIII Bishop of Southern Ohio Born Bronx, New York. Vicar. St. Gabriel’s Church, Brooklyn, New York. Rector, Christ Church, Bellport, Long Island, Rector, Grace Church, Jamaica, New York. Bishop Coadjutor of Southern...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated March 15, 1991 Diocese of Panama

Assistant Bishop of Chicago Bishop Suffragan of Panama Born Colon, Panama. Rector, St. Pual’s, Panama City. Diocese youth Director and Province IX Youth Ministry. President of the Standing Committee. Member, Human Rights...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 17, 2000 Diocese of North Carolina

XI Bishop of North Carolina Born Chicago, Illinois. Deacon-in-charge, St. Stephen’s Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Rector St. Simon of Cyrene, Lincoln Heights, Ohio. Rector, St. James Church, Baltimore, Maryland....

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 24, 1885 Diocese of Liberia

IV Bishop of Liberia First Black Bishop of Liberia First Black Member of the House of Bishops Born Charleston, South Carolina. Emigrated with his parents to Liberia in 1848. Former Assistant minister and later rector of St. Mark's...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated March 9, 1972 Diocese of the Dominican Republic

II Bishop of the Dominican Republic Born San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. School Chaplain and rural priest. Rector San Andres Church, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Fist indigenous bishop. Vice President...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 23, 1921 Diocese of Liberia

Bishop Suffragan of Liberia Born Cape Mount, Liberia. Son of a Muslim Imam. Professor of History at Cuttington College. Helped to lead Church into the interior of Liberia.

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 24, 1984 Diocese of Panama

Assisting Bishop of Southeast Florida V Bishop of Panama Born Colon, Panama. Rector, St. Paul’s Church, Panama City, Panama. Vice President House of Bishop. Anglican Observer to the United Nations. Advocate for human economic...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 29, 1971 Diocese of Washington

VI Bishop of Washington Born Barnesville, Georgia. Rector St. Mary's Church, Detroit, Michigan. Faculty of St. Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire; Canon, Washington Cathedral. Bishop Suffragan of Washington. Dean of the...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated April 9, 1988 Diocese of Long Island

VII Bishop of Long Island Born Baltimore, Maryland. Co-founder of the Union of Black Episcopalians. Vicar, St. Mark’s, Kansas City. Rector of St. Matthew and St. Joseph Church, Detroit, Michigan. Archdeacon of Michigan....

April 30, 2003


Consecrated October 9, 1976 Diocese of Michigan

Bishop Suffragan of Michigan Born Cleveland, Ohio. Graduate St. Augustine's College. Vicar, St. Philip's Church, Akron, Ohio. Director, Department of Christian Social Relations, Diocese of Ohio. Archdeacon of Michigan.