Black Ministries


April 30, 2003


Consecrated April 20, 1971Diocese of Haiti

IV Bishop of Haiti Born Maissade, Haiti. First indigenous Bishop of Haiti. Served rural parishes and Rector Church of the Epiphany, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Dean Holy Trinity Cathedral and Executive Administrator of the diocese.

April 30, 2003


Consecrated October 23, 1981Diocese of Connecticut

Assisting Bishop of Pennsylvania XIII Bishop of Connecticut Born Georgetown, Guyana. Assistant, St. Philip’s, Harlem, New York and St. George's Church, Brooklyn, New York. Rector, St. Mark's Church, Bridgeport, Connecticut...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated February 2, 1974Diocese of New York

Bishop Suffragan of New York Born Boston , Massachusetts. Church musician, seminary instructor, parish priest. Rector, Church of the Resurrection, East Elmhurst, New York. Executive Council staff; Ministries coordinator, Diocese...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated February 24, 1987Diocese of the Virgin Island

Vicar Bishop of New York III Bishop of the Virgin Island Born Kingston, Jamaica. Rector, St. Philip’s Church, Buffalo, New York and the Church of the Holy Cross, Decatur, Georgia. Communications work with the...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated February 9, 1985Diocese of Nicaragua

II Bishop of Nicaragua Born Corn Island, Nicaragua. Educated at St. Andrews Seminary, Mexico City, Mexico. First Indigenous Bishop of Nicaragua. Rector, All Saints, Managua, Nicaragua.

April 30, 2003

The Right Reverend Eugene Taylor Sutton has been Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland since June, 2008. Previously he served as Canon Pastor of Washington National Cathedral and Director of the Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage.

Bishop Sutton was born and raised in...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated October 7, 1988Diocese of Pennsylvania

Assisting Bishop of Pennsylvania Bishop Suffragan of Pennsylvania Born Norwood, North Carolina. Vicar, Church of the Epiphany, Dallas, Texas. Rector of St. George’s Church, Washington, DC. Staff Officer for Black Ministries...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated November 8, 1874Diocese of Haiti

I Bishop of Haiti. First black bishop in the Episcopal Church. Born in Washington DC. Ordained and served as Deacon at St. Matthew's, Detroit, Michigan. Rector of St. Luke's, New Haven Connecticut. The first Black Bishop present...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated June 2, 1993Diocese of Haiti

V Bishop of Haiti Dean of Holy Trinity cathedral, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a Linguist he engaged in international partnership to promote education and employment in Haiti. Committed to economic and academic equality. Works with...

April 30, 2003


Consecrated December 8, 1962Diocese of Massachusetts

X Bishop of Masschusetts First Black Diocesan Bishop in the United StatesBorn Grand Rapids, Michigan. Served as Chaplain at Howard University. First Black Canon of Washington National Cathedral. Served as Arcdeacon of...